here's to hoping

by The Skipperdees

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Recorded in our living room in Fall 2011.


released October 11, 2011

All songs written/performed by Emily and Catherine Backus except for Track 10, arranged/performed by the Backii



all rights reserved


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The Skipperdees Athens, Georgia

The Skipperdees (twin sisters Emily and Catherine Backus) hail from Oak Ridge, TN, a town mentioned in the 1989 film "Fat Man and Little Boy" which featured Paul Newman with a mustache. They write sad songs but are happy people. They are Capricorns and vegetarians. Come say hey at or find them in one of the seven Waffle House locations in their current home of Athens, GA. ... more

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Track Name: See How They Run
Three boys march on in front of us;
With each of them I’ve been in love.
They’re off limits for various and sundry qualifications.

We took a walk into the woods,
And talked about our childhoods
She told us tests would do no good:
We are what we are.
The rocks, they sparkled with heaven’s dust,
And here away from the smog and rust,
I knew that it was in god I trust-
I’m following stars.

She handed me a paper bag,
‘twas full of pieces of the past
To tuck away inside my head, along with every book I’ve read.

Maybe one day I will be wise;
As for now, I’ve just got big eyes,
A mouth agape, as I realize each day brings with it a surprise.
Track Name: Soon
Start a fire,
Let it burn my old shirts, tattered and torn,
That somebody else must have worn.
I’m so tired of being down in the dumps
On a sunny day- it makes no sense to live this way.

Let it end soon.

Images still remain of the haints living in my brain,
I can feel them fly through my veins.
I can’t stop e’er to think-
The future it terrifies me, some days it’s just so hard to be.

Let it end soon.

Every hurt we have felt will live on in the homes we build
Sometimes old wounds cannot be healed.
Resentments that I hold will add on to my shoulders’ weight-
I cannot be consumed by hate.

Let it end soon.
Track Name: The Plunge
Wash these hands, wash this face,
Oh, but no amount of water can erase
All the marks left by the past,
Tell me, did you realize each word you said would last?
I learned to swim; I learned to lie;
Hell, I even took the plunge, and got baptized.
But holy water soon went dry…
Tell me, where does all of our faith end up when it dies?

I can’t believe I can’t believe
Wash these clothes, wash the stains,
But all I want to wash is my damn brain.
Track Name: Louise Sawyer
It seems that all these vacant posts are occupied by holy ghosts
Amen, Amen.
And everywhere I turn I spy the very shadow made by my
Own sin, my sins.
These eyes have seen it all before;
The spectacle just makes them sore.

Broken hearts and hardwood floors;
We get what we settle for.
Dreams that die on distant shores;
We get what we settle for

Body tired, soul is worse,
And every move I make just hurts
Within, within.
Landmines that we thought were gone
Still explode when stepped upon;
There’s no end, no end.
These ears have heard it all before,
And no one truly wins in war.

Nothing’s sacred, nothing’s sure.
Nothing matters anymore.
Track Name: Sweetly Stings
Take back every word you spoke, take it back.
Saying them just makes me choke, take it back.
One day I might have the strength that I now lack,
But I don’t need the things you gave, take them back.

I’ll imitate birds until I fly.

Sever all the ties that bind, cut them now.
They’re nothing but one big lie, cut them now.
Every time I try to climb, I get knocked down.
Sampson don’t deserve his hair, cut it now.

I’ll imitate birds until I fly.
I’ll pretend to live until I die.
Track Name: Mother Mary
He said I have your smile.
Well, for a while, you took it away.
You said you’re grieving a loss;
It wouldn’t have cost much for me to stay.

Don’t bring god’s name to your false claims.

Mother Mary did not raise me
Mother Mary did not save me
Mother Mary ain’t my family
Mother Mary did not save me

I tried to give you a chance,
To alter your stance,
And spare me this pain,
But you remained unbending,
It’s no use mending esteem with disdain

I can’t hate you, but I want to.
Track Name: Epitaph
This lovely bud, so young and fair,
Called hence by early doom,
Came just to show how sweet a flow’r
In paradise might bloom.

The tear we shed, though in secret it rolls,
Shall keep her memory green in our souls.

Why was it so? It seemed so sweet
To have him with us here.
We cannot tell, but god knows best,
Someday it will be clear.

We sorrow not as those who have no hope.

My faith may darken as of will,
I shall not much deplore,
Since though art where the ills of life
Track Name: Ashes, Ashes
I’m a log, and I am floating all by myself,
All by myself,
Through these rapids, swift and winding,
Crying for help, crying for help.
Those I used to know are standing,
Trees in the wind, trees in the wind,
I float on towards a landing
Without a friend , without a friend.

These shallow roots
Weren’t tied to you
This rocky soil
Ain’t my home anymore

Lady on the bank will find me,
And take me home, and take me home.
I will dry out and then I’ll become firewood,
Be firewood.
Track Name: Atlas
I was never able to look you in the eye.
Someone called me brave; somebody lied.
It’s no good trying to be good, it just hurts more every day.

If this were easy, It would be over.
If this were simple, We’d already be done.
When the whole world rests upon your shoulders
The best that you can do will never be enough.

I don’t want to be strong,
I don’t want to be smart.
I don’t want pity or prayers for my sinful heart.
It’s no fair trying to be fair, when the wicked wear angel wings.
Track Name: Giving up Your Ghost
Every sacred vow is meaningless now.
Where was god when you needed him?
It takes two to keep a promise
And she couldn’t make you love her again.
She just wanted to be wanted.

Your ghost haunts these halls;
She painted the walls, but the marks that you left bleed through.
And thirty-one years don’t just disappear
By replacing all the old with new,
But she just didn’t know what else to do.

Tonight I will try to forgive what I know I cannot change anymore.
You can’t take my song, you can’t write these wrongs,
This was never meant to be my war,
Though I still wear all the battle scars.

Some things can’t be saved.